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orderbutton.coverPigskin Dreams: The People, Places, and Events that Forged the Character of the NFL’s Greatest Players is a book about making life happen! It is a book full of stories that reveal the challenges, inspirations, lessons and sacrifices that 22 pro football Hall of Fame players experienced on their road to greatness, on and off the field. It’s a book full of “success gems” that every person who wants to be successful would benefit from being exposed to and incorporating into their own lives.

This collection of celebrity football player stories is based on personal interviews about the early influences that helped to forge the character of these great players. While it is a book about the NFL’s greatest players, the messages they share with you go far beyond the gridiron. Their stories are about life and what it takes to achieve success in any endeavor!

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“Playing in the National Football League requires more than physical skill. It also takes qualities of good character that lead to success in life—qualities like integrity, perseverance, and a strong work ethic. Pigskin Dreams provides an interesting look into the early lives of some of the best football players in history and the positive influences on their character that helped lead them to greatness.”

~Roger Goodell

Commissioner, National Football League


Pigskin Dreams tells of the influences, character traits, and journeys that made these athletes not just great sportsmen, but great people. As a former athlete, this book is an active parent, this book is enlightening.”

~Garth Brooks

#1 Selling Solo Artist in U.S. History


Winners in sports and business are team players with strong character and the drive to be the best. I learned that from my father, an NFL player and coach who lived his dreams and taught me to pursue mine with the same passion and commitment. Pigskin Dreams offers inspiring stories from athletes who were winners on and off the field.”

~Bill Johnson

Chairman, President & CEO of H.J. Heinz Company


Pigskin Dreams is much more than a book about sports. It’s a book about life and how adult role models can have a positive and lasting impact on young people.”

~Art Rooney II

President of the Pittsburgh Steelers



"Many of those who have the greatest impact on their teammates, and the game itself, possess qualities beyond mere athletic talent. In Pigskin Dreams, the personal testimony of many of the NFL’s most impressive figures movingly illustrates that fact."

~Bob Costas

Broadcaster, NBC Sports and Major League Baseball Network

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Reader Acclaim

Great book! I wish I’d had the information in Pigskin Dreams when my four boys were younger. The player stories were captivating and really highlighted the importance of making right choices as a prerequisite to living your best life. Just full of great information to help moms give their kids better tools for success.

~C.S. Jacksonville, Florida


As an athletic director at a high school, I have encouraged not only all of our athletes to read this book, but also all of our students. These players are wonderful role models who zero in on the importance of character as a critical part of success and happiness in life.

~M.K. Madison, Wisconsin


I’m a native Lakota Sioux and I spend a good deal of time working with struggling Native American kids. The stories in your book resonate with possibility—the possibility that virtually anyone can rise above their circumstance and build a life from the dreams they dare to dream. Pigskin Dreams is a great tool for me to offer a hand up to these young people, and I would like to request authorization to use this book in the seminars I provide.

~J.W. San Diego, California


I’ll be putting your book on my required reading list for all my students because there is so much good information that kids need to know throughout the pages of the book. I’m even thinking of having an exam based on the concepts in your book to help ensure a greater number of my students will get the message.

~S.B. Birmingham, Alabama


A friend gave me a copy of your book insisting that I read it. Not being a football fan, I was pretty skeptical. Boy, was I wrong! It’s not a book about football at all. It’s a heart-warming book about the human side of life—the challenges and the rewards—and what’s required to end up in the winner’s circle of life. The phrase, Think. Say. Do. Be.™, puts it in perspective and clears the way for people to start making the rest of their life, the best of their life.

~R.K. Houston, Texas